The reCUP looks and feels the same as a traditional paper cup. 

  • The manufacturing process remains the same for paper cup converters.
  • The cost of materials remains the same.
  • The difference is that the reCUP is made of materials engineered to be recyclable in traditional recycling equipment, therefore, potentially valuable for recyclers to collect.

Traditional paper cups have a plastic coating that breaks down into large flakes that can clog paper recycling equipment. However, reCUPs are coated with EarthCoating, a new formulation in coatings, which are easily washed out in the recycling process, leaving only the paper fibers to be recovered and reused in new recycled paper products and packaging.

CLICK HERE to view our recycling summary page and/or to download our full repulpability report. 


The Results

Although traditional paper cups are not being recycled, we've started working with closed-loop collection partners to put reCUP collection programs in place for select retailers.

Also, we're working closely with various municipalities and MRF's who are interested in having their disposable paper cups get collected and recycled.

Having recently won an award from the California Product Stewardship Council for waste diversion design/technology, we're seeing significant demand continue to grow for reCUPs in support of this important initiative. 

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Paper Coffee Cups
​ Engineered for Recyclability

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