Paper Coffee Cups
​ Engineered for Recyclability

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You may be surprised to find out that paper cups are not being recycled, even when you place your paper cup in the recycling bin.  Why?  Traditional paper cups have an interior plastic coating that is too difficult for recyclers to process through their paper recycling equipment.  As a result, recyclers remove paper cups from the recycling stream and 15 billion paper coffee cups are sent to US landfills each year.


Rather than expecting the recycling industry to recycled traditional paper cup materials that currently have little or no value, we've created the reCUP, a new type of paper cup that's engineered for recycling.  We have reformulated the coating called EarthCoating, that does not interfere in the recycling process, reCUPs become a valuable material to collect, and therefore profitable to recycle.

The paper cups look the same, work the same, and are made the same way, with the only exception being that we've changed the coating formulation so the cups can be recycled with the current paper recycling infrastructure.  

Change the coating, and paper cups become a recyclable material.


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